The Saga of Pappy Gunn
by George C. Kenney
The Wilderness Hunter
by Theodore Roosevelt
The America of George Ade by George Ade, Jean Shepherd
History of the City of Denver: The First Twenty Years by W. B. Vickers
Merchant Adventurer Kings of Rhoda: The Lost World of the Tucson Artifacts by Donald N. Yates
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Jessie L. Weston
The Works of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars by Julius Caesar, W. A. McDevitte - translator, W. S. Bohn - translator
Twelve Years in the Saddle by W. J. L. Sullivan
Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life by Ivan T. Sanderson
The Story of Don Quixote, Volume I by Miguel de Cervantes, Arvid Paulson - translator, Clayton Edwards - translator
Jesse James Rides Again by Frank O. Hall, Lindsey H. Whitten
Alias Billy the Kid by C. L. Sonnichsen, William Morrison
Six Years with the Texas Rangers by James B. Gillett
Pathologies of Power by Paul Farmer, Amartya Sen
Farther Than Any Man: The Rise and Fall of Captain James Cook by Martin Dugard
A Handful of Hard Men: The SAS and the Battle for Rhodesia by Hannes Wessels
The Devil's Dictionary, A-J by Ambrose Bierce
The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past by John Lewis Gaddis
The Coming of the Fairies by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Truth About Jesus: Is He a Myth? by M. M. Mangasarian
I Came to Kill by E. Howard Hunt
Ambassador Morgenthau's Story by Henry Morgenthau
An Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Part I by Venerable Bede
Select Works by Edgar Allan Poe
Washington's Masonic Correspondence by George Washington, Julius F. Sachse - editor
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Part I by Benjamin Franklin
Journal of the First Voyage of Columbus by Christopher Columbus
The Color out of Space by H. P. Lovecraft
A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas by Charles Dickens
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
The Story of Beowulf by Strafford Riggs
Leaves of Grass, Part 1 by Walt Whitman
Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend by Donald Alexander Mackenzie
Conundrums, Riddles and Puzzles by Dean Rivers
The Life, Times, and Treacherous Death of Jesse James by Frank Triplett
The Real Mother Goose
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
Robin Hood and His Adventures by Paul Creswick
Histories of the Kings of Britain: King Arthur by Geoffrey of Monmouth
King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table by Andrew Lang
The Celtic Twilight by William Butler Yeats
The Celtic Dragon Myth by J. F. Campbell
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
The Stories of the Months and Days by Reginald C. Couzens
The Works of Julius Caesar: The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar, W. A. McDevitte - translator, W. S. Bohn - translator
Captives in Blue: The Civil War Prisons of the Confederacy by Roger Pickenpaugh
Serial Killers: An In-Depth Look into the Minds of History's Most Sinister Criminals by Go Entertain, Rupert Frost
Steve Jobs: Business Lessons by Michael Winicott
Ferrari: The Definitive History by Brian Laban, Go Entertain
The Vikings: Symbol of Terror by Hillary Brown, Go Entertain
Business Lessons from Bill Gates by Michael Winicott
Killing It as an Affiliate: A Beginner's Guide to Making Big Money with Affiliate Marketing by T. Whitmore
Leadership Lessons from Winston Churchill by Michael Winicott
Entrepreneurship Lessons from Henry Ford by Michael Winicott
Revealing Psychiatry: From an Insider by Pavlos Sakkas
Ghost Box by Derek Neville
Ayurveda: The Ultimate Guide for Ayurvedic Weight Loss Diet System by Chanel Diamond
Rental Property Investing: The Essentials to Buying and Managing Rental Properties by Clayton Geoffreys
Life Under Open Skies: Adventures in Bushcraft by Tony Nester
Fault Lines: The Layman's Guide to Understanding America's Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East by Don Liebich
The Iron Box by Michael Gates
A Likely Cato: In Likeness of a Play by F L Light
The A to Z of Internet Marketing by Anthony Ekanem
Prepper Quick Guide, Volume 1: Home and Portable Solar Power for Emergencies and Off-Grid Living by Charles Roberts
Accounts Receivable Factoring Guide: Definition, Best Companies, Cost Guidance by Green Initiative
French Legends: The Life and Legacy of Cardinal Richelieu by Charles River Editors
Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Scottish Independence by Charles River Editors
Legends of the Middle Ages: The Life and Legacy of Richard the Lionheart by Charles River Editors
Lost Books of The Bible: The New Testament Apocrypha by Charles River Editors
The Life and Legacy of Alexander the Great by Charles River Editors
The Eyes of Texas: The Secret Society That Controls the University of Texas at Austin by Lance Kennedy
Native American Tribes: The History of the Blackfeet and the Blackfoot Confederacy by Charles River Editors
The Siblings Burbage: A Play with Shakespeare by F. L. Light
The Life and Legacy of William the Conqueror by Charles River Editors
Pirate Trials: The Lives and Adventures of Famous and Sundry Pirates by Huggins Point Editors
The White House: The History and Legacy of America's Executive Mansion by Charles River Editors
The History and Folklore of Vampires by Charles River Editors
Robin Hood: The History and Folklore of the English Legend by Charles River Editors
The Sea Peoples: The Mysterious Nomads Who Ushered in the Iron Age by Charles River Editors
Oath Takers by L Douglas Hogan
How to Get Customers in Your Network Marketing Company by Argena Olivis
Black Gods and Civilization of Ancient India by Gert Muller
Superiors and Inferiors: Henry Clay Frick in Drama by F L Light
The Gemstone File by Jim Keith
The Philosophy of Film Noir by Mark T. Conard
Oswald by Kerry Thornley
How to Contact Space People by Ted Owens
Association Management Excellence: Become an Expert by Preparing for the CAE Exam by D.A. Abrams
Strange Mutants of the Twenty First Century by John A. Keel
The Coming of the Saucers by Kenneth Arnold, Raymond Palmer
The Case for the UFO by M.K. Jessup
UFO and the Bible by M. K. Jessup
New-School Leadership: Making a Difference in the 21st Century by D. A. Abrams
Neonazis & Euromaidan: From Democracy to Dictatorship by Stanislav Byshok
Scotland's Argyll, Loch Lomond, & Beyond by Martin Li
The Guitar in America: Victorian Era to Jazz Age by Jeffrey J. Noonan
Central Colorado: Aspen, Vail, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park & Beyond by Curtis Casewit
Graspers and Holders: A Drama of the Gouldium by F L Light
Downeast Maine: Bar Harbor, Acadia, Mt. Desert, Northeast Harbor & Beyond by Earl Brechlin
Protecting Yellowstone: Science and the Politics of National Park Management by Michael J. Yochim
Circadian Rhythm by Robert Scott Morris
The Double: Male Eros, Friendships and Mentoring From Gilgamesh to Kerouac by Edward C. Sellner
Mysteries of the Multiverse and Mind by Thomas Weston
Certified Association Executive Exam Strategies for Study & Success by D. A. Abrams
Gould and Game Routed: A Drama of the Gouldium by F L Light
The Corporate Credit Bible by Robert K. Boscarato
Atheist Yoga by Anton Drake
The Practice of Autosuggestion by the Method of Emile Coué by C. Harry Brooks
Fifty-Two Shades of Marketing: Make Your Cash Register Sing by Marc Goodin
Your Self Storage: Planning, Site Selection, Design, Build by Marc Goodin
Crush Your Competition: 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips for the Fastest Way to Huge Profits by Marc Goodin
The Gold Room Bursts with Gould Part Two: A Drama by F L Light
The Persians by Aeschylus, F L Light
The Railroad Scrimmage: A Drama of the Erie War by F. L. Light
Wrenching the Inside Out: 1476 Couplets on Antitheses Between the Outside and Inside by F L Light
India: How-To Guide to Stay Safe by Chris Lancaster
Old World Roots of the Cherokee: How DNA, Ancient Alphabets and Religion Explain the Origins of America's Largest Indian Nation by Donald N. Yates
Frontier Naturalist: Jean Louis Berlandier and the Exploration of Northern Mexico and Texas by Russell M. Lawson
Pirate Trials: Dastardly Deeds & Last Words by Ken Rossignol
The Word I'm Thinking Of: A Devilish Dictionary of Difficult Words by Michael Gates
The American Military Frontiers: The United States Army in the West, 1783-1900 by Robert Wooster
The Life & Death of Pretty Boy Floyd by Jeffery S. King
Vegetable Juicing: Lose Weight & Achieve Radiant Health by Charles Christopher Thornton
Occasional Demons by Rick Hautala
Hallows Eve: Orangefield Series, Book 2 by Al Sarrantonio
Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah: Stories of 12 Men from the New Testament by Heather Horrocks
Don't Be Cruel by Mike Argento
Agnes Day: Book Three of the Quest for the White Duck by Charles L. Grant
Web of Defeat: Book Two of the Quest for the White Duck by Charles L. Grant
The Neuroscience of Fair Play: Why We (Usually) Follow the Golden Rule by Donald W. Pfaff Ph.D.
Desert Voices by William H. LaBarge
Blood River Down: Book I of the Quest of the White Duck by Charles L. Grant, Lionel Fenn
Frozen Prospects: The Guadel Chronicles, Book 1 by Dean Murray
Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future by Bron Taylor
The Theatrical Event: Dynamics of Performance and Perception by Willmar Sauter
First-Time Landlord: Your Guide to Renting Out a Single-Family Home by Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart, Ilona Bray
Unknown Waters: A First-Hand Account of the Historic Under-Ice Survey of the Siberian Continental Shelf by USS Queenfish by Dr. Alfred S. McLaren
The Better Angels of Our Nature: Freemasonry in the American Civil War by Michael A. Halleran
A Terrible Splendor: Three Extraordinary Men, a World Poised for War, and the Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played by Marshall Jon Fisher
The Deal by Adam Gittlin
Wordcatcher: An Odyssey into the World of Weird and Wonderful Words by Phil Cousineau
Long-Term Care: How to Plan & Pay for It by Joseph L. Matthews
Wall of Silence: The Untold Story of the Medical Mistakes That Kill and Injure Millions of Americans by Rosemary Gibson, Janardan Prasad Singh