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Jack Chekijian has narrated and produced over five hundred hours of audio and one hundred titles in his first five years as a full-time narrator of audiobooks. He was designated an Audible Approved Producer in January 2013, and he enjoys narrating bios and memoirs, business, economics, history, true crime, unexplained phenomena, self development, travel and adventure, world affairs, mysteries and thrillers, and noir, as well as exploring new approaches with the classics. The audiobooks found on this site are available digitally on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Feel free to reach out via the contact page, even to request a title that you think Jack can make into an audiobook.


Jack was bestowed the title Audible Approved Producer in January 2013. The audiobooks found on this site are available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 
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What Listeners are Saying...

“Jack Chekijian's smooth voice is like a tranquil canoe trip on the rivers of time.”
- DJ

“Jack Chekijian did an OUTSTANDING job narrating this audiobook. It was professional, clean, and had great flow and consistency from beginning to end.”
- Teresa

“Jack Chekijian did an excellent job reading the text; the material could have been very monotonous. Chekijian was very steady. However, in times when warranted you could hear the excitement, sadness, confusion, etc. in his voice.”
- DK

“Talks to me like a friend. Very welcoming and has a slight motivation bent to his voice.”
- Holly Wood

“He has a very pleasing voice and adds energy to the potentially dry material.”
- K. April Holgate


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