I find the Kindle to be essential for my narration needs. Leaning against a desk light that shines directly down on it (accomplished by moving the cover on top of the light - it's one of those green library-style lights), a Kindle is a long-lived and non-physically-taxing method of displaying a script. Before I settled on that solution, though, I had commercially printed the scripts of the first two audiobooks onto 8½ x 11 paper. Pretty costly (10¢ a page for projects potentially hundreds of pages long) and potentially unwieldy (loose papers balancing on some easel that now fights for space with a light). Paper would only be welcome if you really needed to make handwritten notations all over the thing. Or if you feel the need to keep hard copies of your projects in that fashion.

Q: Does Jack (do I) currently use in-ear Sony headphones OR big can-style Sony headphones when narrating, and what is his justification?
Provide your guess in the comments, and he'll (I'll) respond when a few come in.

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