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This is a very strange feeling. I have learned this morning that an author who wrote what was just approved (also this morning) as an audiobook that I produced and narrated...passed away from a heart attack two weeks ago.  

After a title shows up in the stores (in this title's case, a couple of weeks from now), I always contact the author to say hi and talk light-heartedly about my experience with their work. It feels odd that this can no longer happen in this instance, and right before the appointed time, too.

What is also notable here is that, though this man has quite the list of published titles to his name, this looks like it will be the first audio production for a work that's essentially his creation alone.

I will contact the family shortly.

Rick Hautala (1949 - 2013)

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I find the Kindle to be essential for my narration needs. Leaning against a desk light that shines directly down on it (accomplished by moving the cover on top of the light - it's one of those green library-style lights), a Kindle is a long-lived and non-physically-taxing method of displaying a script. Before I settled on that solution, though, I had commercially printed the scripts of the first two audiobooks onto 8½ x 11 paper. Pretty costly (10¢ a page for projects potentially hundreds of pages long) and potentially unwieldy (loose papers balancing on some easel that now fights for space with a light). Paper would only be welcome if you really needed to make handwritten notations all over the thing. Or if you feel the need to keep hard copies of your projects in that fashion.

Q: Does Jack (do I) currently use in-ear Sony headphones OR big can-style Sony headphones when narrating, and what is his justification?
Provide your guess in the comments, and he'll (I'll) respond when a few come in.

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Two You Will Not Hear Me Do

Two auditions I had recently submitted were just declined in favor of other people.
That means you won't hear me impersonating the Three Stooges for 10 hours.
Nor will you hear me as Sherlock Holmes and Watson reborn as cowboys.
I had spent the better part of an afternoon creating a three minute video called "Simple Narration Setup" for YouTube. It showed where and how I record. Well, I was taken aback by the opinions of those around me about it, to the extent that I removed the video soon after uploading it. Is it worth disclosing my rationale for doing so?

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Creating professional space for a business entity would necessitate staking claim to various permutations around the Internet. Though I did manage to secure the Twitter handle @jackchekijian, I was kind of surprised that @narratorjack was, not only taken, but dormant. He has tweeted twice. He tweeted twice five years ago. Won't you wish me luck trying to acquire that?

There is a dot.com, by the way. Amazingly, it is essentially a blank site. It has got to be worth at least a million, but if I had it, I would create the email address atdotcom@dot.com. Imagine people telling other people that email address in an attempt to transmit the information without error.

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~ Welcome, welcome ~
I turn my head and see...that I have narrated 154 hours and 30 minutes of audiobooks that are commercially available. So the next time you are jogging from the Pulaski Skyway in Newark, New Jersey to Pulaski, Virginia...when you're running those 496 miles, you're going to need a solar powered audio player, because that is a long time.

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